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SomaBolo and Brandon Joe Rutten


SomaBolo was originally created in 2009 by Brandon Joe Rutten to bring mindful health to the community. The SomaBolo therapy studio has been serving the Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 2015 from its new location at Broadway Church, just north of downtown Indy.

The name SomaBolo combines two ancient Sanskrit words, SOMA, meaning “body” (with specific reference to include not only the physical, but emotional, intellectual, and ethereal bodies as well) along with the word BOLO, meaning “hooray”! SomaBolo means having joy in the experience of your body. 

Brandon is a Registered Thai Therapist, national board certified Massage Therapist, 200 hr Yoga Teacher, and has over 20 years of practical experience. Brandon Joe Rutten has been bringing mindful health to the community through a broad set of practices, which generate greater significance of connectedness, freedom, and contentment.

Brandon has always been inspired by the expression of movement in the body and the profound energies in nature, and that love was only magnified after being introduced to Thai Massage in 2008. He loves the compassion, trust, support, communication, and connections that come along with its practice. The space he provides and quality of care he provides his clients can be unmatched. His class instruction techniques are extremely fun and playful, and are made accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Brandon shows he is grateful to all of his teachers and students who remind him that he is, and always will be, both.


Further into his life, Brandon has a never-ending collection of plants, enjoys working with all animals great and small, loves cooking and eating, is a terrible baker refusing to follow any recipe, and has a great appetite for the way things work and connect.

Brandon Joe Rutten

E-RYT, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher +200
BCTMB – #2000188
CMT – MT21806561
RTT – 1889 -11-A

NPI - 178017035

ICTA Certified Cupping Therapist
Thai Healing Alliance International member
Acro Yoga Instructor and Performer
Reiki Practitioner
AMTA Insured

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Thai Healing Alliance International Logo
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